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The market craze for collecting Muscle Cars is very popular right now. Although there are hobbiests and original owners, in the market for these cars, a lot of people are treating it as a business. Whether it be the Muscle Car Restoration company, or parts suppliers, sellers, buyers and collectors.

At Murphy's Classic Restorations, it is treated as a business. We take the Restoration of Muscle Cars very serious. Once our customer explains what he wants to do with the car, whether it be stock/original or a street custom, we maintain an open line of communication with the customer, during the complete project.

The experience and relationships we have achieved by restoring a variety of Muscle Cars, ranging from Camaros, Chevelles, GTOs, Novas, Mopars, both 440 cars and Hemi cars, positions us to give the customer a finished product he can be proud of. We have established relationships with some of the best parts suppliers to ensure our customer the most correct parts at competitive prices.

The Muscle Car Restorations by Murphy's Classic Restorations have been exhibited and won local, regional and national car show events and appeared in major national publications.

The range of services provided by Murphy's Classic Restorations include; maintenance and "spruce-up" activities, paint jobs, engine compartment and chassis restoration and complete Muscle Car Restorations.

At Murphy's Classic Restorations our employees understand and reflect a total commitment of quality to our loyal and repeat customers.

Give us a call to discuss your Muscle Car Restoration Project at 330-343-8778 or e-mail us.

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